Most commonly, the questions we get asked involve where our products are made, what's in them and what's not. So here's a quick list for your reference:

Our jerky treats are only made with what they need and what your dog craves... nothing else. Because we don't use lots of ingredients, additional flavors, etc. our treats are popular among even the pickiest pets and pets with dietary restrictions or food allergies.

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What is vegetable glycerin? Why do you use it and is it safe for pets?

Except for our sweet potatoes, all of Uncle Ulrick's dog jerky treats are made with only two ingredients: meat and vegetable glycerin. And just like our chicken and beef, the vegetable glycerin is made right here in the United States. Our glycerin is naturally derived from vegetables, not biodiesel like cheaper alternatives, and we use only human food grade vegetable glycerin that is: FDA Approved Vegetable Based USP Grade Glycerin 99.5% Purity (0.5% Water) American Made [Never imported!] You can download the MSDS sheet here and the nutritional facts table right here. We use vegetable glycerin in our jerky products for its humectant qualities that ensure our jerky treats stay moist without encouraging mold growth. It is colorless and odorless too, so it doesn't affect the natural appearance and tantalizing scent of our jerky. It is a natural preservative, not a filler, and helps maintain the full nutritional benefits of the chicken and beef. And if the delicious taste of chicken or beef isn't enough for your pet, vegetable glycerin's slightly sweet taste increases the palatability of our snacks. Take a look around your own kitchen and you'll find that vegetable glycerin is a commonly used ingredient in foods and beverages you consume everyday.

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Is the FDA still concerned about chicken jerky treats?

The FDA continues to investigate ongoing illnesses, predominantly in dogs whose owners report exposure to jerky pet treats from China.

Since 2007, FDA has become aware of an increasing number of illnesses in pets associated with the consumption of jerky pet treats. As of May 1, 2014, FDA has received approximately 4,800 reports of pet illnesses which may be related to consumption of the jerky treats (These include 1800 complaints received since FDA’s last update in October 2013). Most of the reports involve jerky products sourced from China. The majority of the complaints involve dogs, but cats also have been affected. The reports involve more than 5,600 dogs, 24 cats, three people and include more than 1,000 canine deaths.

FDA has received adverse event reports for many sizes and ages of dogs, and for multiple breeds. About 60 percent of the reports are for gastrointestinal illness (with or without elevated liver enzymes) and about 30 percent relate to kidney or urinary signs. The remaining 10 percent of cases involve a variety of other signs, including convulsions, tremors, hives, and skin irritation.

So while the FDA continues their investigation, Uncle Ulrick's is hard at work providing a safe alternative to foreign jerky treats. We believe that our dog's food and treats should be of the same quality we expect of our own food. Our treats are made with the same processes and in the same facility that makes jerky treats for humans, we just don't add any artificial flavors or seasonings. If you would like to learn more about the FDA's ongoing investigation, here are some helpful links:

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